About Us

Brookstone is a global specialty chemical company that produces a range of advanced chemicals that are found in products people use every day. We are focused on delivering innovative chemical-based solutions while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Brookstone’s market-driven approach take advantage of world-class technology platforms in attractive end markets such as plastics, rubber, paint, ceramics, paper and textile. Headquartered in Dubai-UAE, our products are used in numerous countries around the world. As economies around the globe develop, the demand for our products continues to grow.

We consistently provide our clients with the highest quality chemical products and efficient service in the chemical industry. We believe in building lasting relationships by partnering with our chemical suppliers and customers around the globe to form strong connections. Our team of scientists create products that enhance the lives of people around the globe.


Serve the manufacturing industry through innovative chemistry.


Enhance the quality of life and leave a sustainable world for current and future generations.

Our well equipped laboratories employing highly qualified technicians offer tailor made solutions to the specific demands of our Clients. The dedicated marketing and sales team is well trained and experienced in technical sales in the region, to offer appropriate products and services.

Over 4 decades of glorious history, operating in 4 countries through multiple offices, laboratories and production plants. Our pre-eminent position in the industry is marked by our high market share.

Brookstone’s innovative
products continue to make life
safer, easier and more